Battling Fear Scripture Cards
Battling Fear Scripture Cards
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Battling Fear Scripture Cards

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Is fear squeezing the joy out of your life? Are you ready to fight back? 

One of the most powerful weapons we've been given to fight fear is the Word of God. Years ago I felt hopeless and alone in my struggle against fear and anxiety. As I sought God He began to show me the power of praying and declaring His Word over my life. 

I began making scripture cards just like the ones here to confess over myself. I hung them around the house and carried them in my purse, so that I was prepared to battle in the chance that fear would rise up. 

Scripture Cards have been one of the key tools that have helped me in my fight against fear. And I believe they will help you as well. 

If you're tired of being bullied by fear and you're ready to fight back using the power of God's Word, these cards are for you! 


About the Product:

* Each Battling Fear Scripture Card contains a scripture on the front and a prayer declaration on the back.

* 4x4 in size

* 10 double sided cards in the set

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