Blossom Subscription Plan
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Blossom Subscription Plan

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One of the biggest frustrations I hear from Christian Women is that they have a difficult time staying consistent in the Word and understanding what they are reading.

If you've been feeling this way, The Blossom Subscription 🌸 is perfect for you! 

With the Blossom Subscription you will receive:

 🌸 A new Bible Reading Plan each month with scriptures designed to help you to focus on the key areas of your life. Some examples are Choosing Joy, Friendship, Gratitude, Peace, Thanksgiving, Speaking the Word, Fighting Fear and more!)

 🌸 12 Scripture Cards designed to help you memorize key scriptures you're learning each month. These scripture cards are not just practical, but pretty. You can print them out, laminate them and tape them to your mirror, place them in your car or carry them in your purse. 

 🌸 Monthly Bible Study Verse Sheets

 🌸 Monthly Bible Study Journal Pages

 **Also with this subscription plan you will not only be investing in yourself, but in someone else as well!! 

For everyone who purchases this subscription plan, we will provide another subscription plan for a woman who can't afford to purchase it. At Flourishing Today we minister to women around the globe. We are spreading the love of Christ and the truth of God's Word to women in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India and many other nations!

Be assured, that when you are purchasing this plan, you are sowing seeds into the lives of other women and helping them to grow in their walk with God.

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