Peace Bible Study Journal Physical Copy
Peace Bible Study Journal Physical Copy
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Peace Bible Study Journal Physical Copy

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Do you need peace in your life?  With all the heaviness that life can bring, it can be easy for us to become overwhelmed and lose our peace. But Jesus tells us we can have peace in the midst of life's storms. 

With the Peace Bible Study Journal you'll:

🌸Develop a better understanding of what Biblical peace is vs worldly peace

🌸Dive deeper into scriptures on Peace to find out where it comes from 

🌸Gain insight into how to maintain peace regardless of your circumstances

What's included in this 38 page journal....

--> Daily sheets with ample space to write the daily scripture, what you've learned, how you will apply it and your daily prayer

--> A step by step study guide to dig deeper into the verses on peace (and a template to use for all scriptures) to gain a better understanding of the Word in order to apply it to your life

--> A printable scripture on Peace to hang on your wall as a reminder to seek and preserve your peace each day

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