2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit
2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit
2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit
2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit
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2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit

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Do you want to plan out your Bible Time for the ENTIRE year?

With the 2020 Flourish Bible Toolkit, you'll get access to ONE YEAR of Topical Bible Reading Plans + Daily Journal & Verse Study Worksheets to dive deeper into the Word, so you can stay consistent in the Word and start flourishing in every area of life! 

What's in the 2020 FLOURISH Bible Toolkit?


You'll receive 12 Topical Bible Reading Plans for each month of the year to help you :

* Stay consistent in your devotional time so you can flourish in your spiritual life

* Have a plan for your daily reading so you aren't wasting time trying to figure out what to read

* Grow in key areas of your life 


Each day you'll have a journal sheet to:

* Write the scripture

* Document what you've learned and how you will apply it a

* Record your prayer for the day


With the verse study sheets you'll :

* Study the root of specific words to better understand their meaning

* Look at scriptures before and after to gain better context of the verse

* Look at different versions of the verse to gain better insight into the meaning of the verse

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